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Bethany's First Birth

Hi Natsumi,


We have been meaning to connect with you. Our son is a happy, healthy 8mo old. The birth was great. Nine hours of labor and only nine minutes of natural expulsive reflex.  I was able to maintain a deep sense of relaxation throughout the surges. It was the best I could have hoped for. Joe has been a calm, easy baby. We feel very blessed!


Thank you so much for your training and time.


With warmth,


Anna's First Birth


Our little boy, Jude, was born almost 2 weeks ago on April 20th.  My delivery was tough, but went so much better than I could have ever expected!  I was able to apply a lot of the HypnoBirthing techniques to my labor, some worked better than others, but overall I think your class helped prepare us a lot.  


Our little guy came 10 days after his estimated due date and we weren't planning on getting induced until 2 weeks out, but plans quickly changed.  My body started to go into natural labor the morning he was born, but I still wasn't aware of that.  I went in for a routine non stress test, not planning on having a baby that day, but turns out his heart rate was dropping a lot that morning and we decided to go ahead and induce labor a little bit that day.  Initially they started suggesting a c-section, but I think I was just anxious because of the surprising morning and I was able to calm down enough to get his heart rate normalized and we prevented the c-section all together.  They only gave me the smallest dose of pitocin to help get things going and kept it at the smallest dose.  My body had already progressed to 4 cm before they induced me.  They gave me the pitocin at 10 am and by 3:52pm our little boy was born!  


I was nervous about doing the pitocin at first, but felt really good about it after seeing how it sped things up and helped his heart rate normalize.  Turns out, my placenta had calcified considerably and was affecting the oxygen he was getting.  I was able to do the entire process naturally, breathed him out in 32 minutes, and the entire process felt extremely fast.  It was a whirlwind of  a day, but I couldn't have been happier with my team.  My midwife was a fabulous advocate for us and my nurse was extremely helpful!  We feel so blessed to have a perfectly healthy little boy and we are very grateful for the wonderful training you gave us!


He weighed 8 lbs 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. 


Thank you again for everything!


Anna and McKay

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